Turkish nationalist leader: The grandfathers of those who speak like you [Tsipras] are at the bottom of the sea!

The nationalist leader of Turkish party unleashes a tirade against Europe and Greece

In an effort to remain politically relevant and capitalise on the tensions between Greece and Turkey, the leader of Turkey’s Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), known as the “Grey Wolves”, Devlet Bahceli resorted to a tirade against Greece and Cyprus during a speech at the Turkish Assembly on Tuesday. He started his speech by praising the Turkish victory against the European powers 103 years ago at the battle of Canakkale in Turkey. “Oil and gas exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean has increased the strategic importance of the region. They lauded the actions of southern Cyprus and showed no sign of shame after message of condemnation against Turkey. The EU condemnation message does not exist for us. What are they condemning?”, he said in parliament.

Referring to the Greek PM in a disparaging tone, Mr Bahceli said: “Tsipras thought the goal was empty. This person, without any shame, said that Turkey wants a hot incident in the Aegean, and he (Tsipras) also said that Turkey is shooting her feet. He had such audacity. All the world knows who shot a bullet of national pride, and the bottom of the sea is full of the grandparents of those who speak with such words”, the 70-year-old government partner of Erdogan’s party said.