Turkey arrests 2 pro-Gullen suspects on Greek-Turkish borders

Two former civil servants suspected of being supporters of Fetullah Gulen

Turkish border police guards detained two Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) suspects and their families close to the Greek border, security sources said on Monday, according to Turkish media. The two former ministry personnel and their families were thought to be fleeing to Greece, the sources added.
The group was detained in the Meric district of Turkey’s northwestern Edirne province.
Security forces also found €4,000 ($4,260) and 2,000 Turkish liras (approx. $540) of cash on the suspects, the sources said.
The four adult individuals were detained while their children were sent to relatives, the sources added. Following the coup bid, Turkey introduced a state of emergency that has seen tens of thousands of public servants dismissed or suspended from their jobs over suspected ties to the terror network.

source: Anadolu.tr