Tusk visits Greece: The momentum is there but we are not close to a “success story”

He met with President Pavlopoulos and Prime Minister Tsipras

Cautiously optimistic fro the outcome of the negotiations is the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, according to what he said in front of the cameras before his meeting with Alexis Tsipras and just a few hours after the negotiations that took place in Brussels between the three Greek ministers and the representatives of the creditors.

As he said, the momentum is there but we are not close to a “success story” yet.

“We are close to the completion of this demanding process thanks to the determinations and realism you demonstrate”, he stated and added that “I come as a friend”.

Mr. Tusk commented on the refugee issue as well saying that “Greece under your leadership during these hard years is an exceptional example of solidarity. I know how hard it was for you and for your citizens and I thank you for your efforts”.

Mr. Tsipras spoke of the big challenges for Europe avoiding to comment on the negotiations.

Regarding the refugee issue he stated “I am convinced that you and all the member-states will assume their responsibilities to keep Europe united”.

In his meeting with President Pavlopoulos, Mr. Tusk repeated his cautious optimism, while Mr. Pavlopoulos stated that “the EU should remember that it wouldn’t be the same without Greece” and he added that the Greek people have made huge sacrifices and they are paying for mistakes that are not only their own, but nonetheless they are committed to the European path.