TV celebrity reveals she is a prostitute! (photos-video)

In a relationship with political figure

It is not everyday that a TV celebrity comes out and admits to being a prostitute. That is exactly what Serbian TV celebrity Sedana Nurkic did. The sexy 24-year-old woman, who became famous in her country for taking part in the reality TV show “Couples”, has caused a big splash after revealing she is a high class escort girl. “Prostitution is a job like every other job. I don’t see anything wrong with that. My family members, including my mother Enesa, strongly supported my decision! I sell my body to earn money and help them”, she said. Her revelations went viral on Serbian media, with many of her fans supporting her, while a large portion condemning her choice to sell her body. Sedana seems to be unfazed with all the controversy she stirred and the possibility of her ending up in jail (prostitution is illegal in Serbia), claiming her boyfriend is a powerful figure in politics and will protect her and her family!





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