UK Police release new photo of London terrorist (photos)

Shot taken recently

Counter-terror investigators have released a new photo of the Westminster attacker, Khalid Masood, as investigations continue into his connections and possible motivations.
The shot was taken recently for one of the 52-year-old’s identity documents, The Independent understands.
It was made public after a dramatically different image emerged showing the suspected extremist as a smiling teenager on his school’s five-a-side football team. Masood, who was born in Kent as Adrian Elms and known as Adrian Ajao following his mother’s marriage, was shot dead by police after murdering four people in a terror attack outside the Houses of Parliament.
Police are appealing for anyone who knew Masood to come forward as they investigate whether he acted “totally alone inspired by terrorist propaganda”, or whether he was encouraged, supported or directed by others to carry out the atrocity.
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