US Dems propose bill requiring men to call police before “releasing sperm”

The proposed bill is a response to a bill the Dems dub “anti-abortion”

A pair of Georgia Democrat lawmakers are planning to introduce a bill that would require men to call police when they ejaculate and classify unprotected sex as “aggravated assault” on the men’s part.
State Reps. Dar’shun Kendrick, of Lithonia, and Park Cannon, of Atlanta, are putting forward a “testicular bill of rights” in protest of Georgia’s House passing a bill preventing abortions once a heartbeat is detected in the womb.
“Introducing my ‘testicular bill of rights’ legislative package. You want some regulation of bodies and choice? Done!” Kendrick tweeted on Monday.


Kendrick and Cannon’s bill would “require men who are age 55 and older to ‘immediately report to the county sheriff or local law enforcement agency’ when he ‘releases sperm from his testicles,’” reported The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.