VW to alter engines in 11 million cars

German economy could feel the huge impact of scandal

German car manufacturer Volkswagen (VW) will replace 11 million vehicles that are fitted with the ‘guilty’ software responsible for distorting emissions, according to a statement by the company’s new CEO Matthias Muller. Muller said the company has drawn up a complete plan that will be submitted to the regulatory authorities ensuring that the diesel models will comply with emissions specifications. Speaking to an audience of 1,000 VW high ranking executives in the company’s headquarters in Wolfsburg, Muller said the company would request from its customers to replace the software in the coming days. The German federal road service has given WV until October 7 to come up with a satisfactory plan that would comply with its emissions standards. Muller told Reuters that the company was facing a long and tough road ahead and a lot of hard work, adding that ‘we will be in the position to make gradual progress and there will be setbacks’. VW has admitted that it installed software that falsified emissions testing to nearly 11 million cars, including Volkswagen, Audis and Skodas. The blowout of the VW scandal has led to stock markets recording losses throughout the world, while there are concerns that the effects on the German economy will be even worse in the near future.