Was dead German couple involved in satanic ritual?

Couple found dead in Kefalonia on new year’s eve

The death of a German couple in Kefalonia, who had rented a lodge, has taken a mysterious twist after police discovered items that could point to a Satanist ritual. The couple in their 30s were found dead on December 31 in a room in the area of Vlachata and authorities had initially thought their deaths were the result of a brawl which led to one killing the other before subsequently taking their own lives. Police found knives and other sharp objects at the crime scene where the bodies lay in a pool of blood. Following the newest evidence, which includes a series of candles and a satanic pentagram, police believe the couple might have been involved in a satanic ritual, which ended in them taking their lives.
According to local media reports, the forensic medical practitioner has ruled out the case of a criminal act, considering the findings in the bodies that the couple decided to take their own lives, without the assistance of a third party.