Watch Australian MP say Macedonia will always be Greek in Greek! (video)

Philhellene Victorian MP Murray Thompson addresses crown at Macedonia rally last Sunday

Around 15,000 Greek-Australians expressed their objection over the path talks between Greece and FYROM were taking regarding the name dispute, last Sunday in Melbourne outside the Greek Consulate. Among those attending the rally was Australian politician Murray Thompson. The 64-year-old member of the Victorian Parliament for the Liberal party for the seat of Sandringham is known as a staunch supporter of the Greek cause on the Macedonian issue, as he is a lover of classical and ancient Greek history and has visited Macedonia. During his address to the crowd, Mr Murray spoke a few words in Greeks to receive a cheering reaction from those present.

“Friends. Today, we are standing here for the truth”, he said in Greek. Continuing in his native English he said that he represented the Liberal party and that he had stood in the tomb of Philip the Macedon in Vergina. “I understand history”, he continued. “It is said that you cannot change history. But I say that ignorance can change history. I say doing nothing can change history”, he said. He went to say that a very strong message should be sent to the Greek Consulate, the leaders of Australia and the Greek Parliament (using the Greek word Vouli), that (Makedonia ine Eliniki) Macedonia is Greek amid chants of “Hellas, Hellas Macedonia!” by the people below. “Macedonia was, is and will be Greek”, the politician said in a determined and deliberate voice.

Rally for Greece – Macedonia from Murray Thompson on Vimeo.