Watch dramatic helicopter rescue of tourist in Kefalonia (video)

Polish tourist trapped in ravine in island

Video footage showing the dramatic rescue of a Polish tourist on the Ionian island of Kefalonia has emerged. The 45-year-old tourist was exploring the paths around the medieval fortress of Assos on the island of Kefalonia, when he found himself trapped in the ravines of the steep mountain.



The man used his mobile phone to send out a distress signal and volunteer climbers, as well as local fire fighters responded. Despite their efforts, they were unable to free him, with one of them ending up trapped with the tourist. The Kefalonia regional government then called on the help of a Super Puma helicopter which also failed to approach the area.



Finally, an S70B Aegean Hawk navy helicopter managed to rescue the Polish man, who was transported to hospital. The man has not suffered any injuries and was kept in hospital for precautionary reasons.