What is the first winner of Greek “Big Brother” up to nowadays? (photos)

George managed to get his life back together after the rollercoaster of fame

When reality show “Big Brother” was aired in Greece for the first time way back in 2001, the ratings, as expected went through the roof. The winner of the show, George Tryantafyllidis, who was known as Tsakas, soon became a household name all over the country.
As he later explained the huge publicity impacted him in a negative way, as he was unable to manage his sudden stardom. But 18 years down the road, where is “Tsakas” now and what is he up to?

Following his success on the show, and after managing to pull himself up after divorcing his first wife and getting married again, George is now living in Germany with his family. His second wife, with whom he has two children, helped him get back on his feet, as he says.