When NOT to take selfies (pics)

‘Selfies’ a new chapter in psychology….

The selfies fad is something a lot of people have got caught up in. It’s fun to snap yourself at memorable moments. Sometimes we fail to control the environment we ‘selfie’ ourselves in or simply misjudge the time or place. Here are some funny and awkward selfies the creators might have second thoughts about:

1. When your kid walks in

This young mother will probably miss out on this season’s ‘Mother of the Year’ award. Mothers of the world always keep door locked when preparing for sexy selfie.


2. At Funerals

We all know about are wedding crashers. But taking a selfies in front of a coffin at a funeral!? Really? ‘A final farewell to my beloved auntie and then post it on Facebook’.


3. When plane is about to crash

There should be a new chapter in psychology called ‘Selfie mentality’. Some people are praying while the plane is crashing, when this guy is taking a selfie. Have you thought that just maybe no-one will ever see your selfie?!!


4. While man in background pissing

Funny selfies in public toilettes are sometimes nice to receive. This is not one of those instances. Did you ask the poor guy in the background relieving himself whether he wants his butt going viral?


5. While being pulled over

You get pulled over by the police and what is the first thing you do? Reach for your vehicle registration? No. Get your drivers licence out of the glove box. No. You take a selfie, of course! (The officer seems cool with it, though)


6. While hospitalised

Is there something wrong with a patient taking a selfie on a hospital bed? It looks a little worrisome…