Who is Dieter Kaufmann? Schaeuble’s would-be assassin has disappeared

Did Wolfgang Schaeuble manipulate the media to erase traces of truth?

It was October 12, 1990, that Dieter Kaufmann fired three shots at Wolfgang Schaeuble – Interior Minister at the time – at a political rally. The motive? Kaufmann said he shot at Shaeuble as a result of his anger at the politician’s support of a law aimed at assassinating terrorists without trial.

The 36-year-old surveyor’s assistant and would-be assassin was found unfit to plead, he never went to trial and was instead incarcerated in a mental institution where he was kept as an allegedly schizoid-hallucinatory-paranoid-psychopath. Released in 2004, nobody knows what happened to him with all traces apparently having disappeared. The only mark of his ever having existed are Schaeble’s useless wheelchair bound legs.

The last available reference concerning Dieter Kaufmann was on the Dark Days website that reports that in 1995, Kaufmann apologized in writing to Schaeuble stating he did not understand how he could have done such a thing. He even went on national radio to ask for forgiveness. In the flurry of publicity, Schaeuble said he as “not terribly impressed” with the apology. The shrewd politician saw through the ruse that Kaufmann was using to get sympathy and hopefully be released at some point.

The ruse may have worked. Though judged to be a threat to society in 2004, he was apparently released back to the community before all traces of him disappeared.


No where on the internet is there any available information on Dieter Kaufmann – no articles or photos giving us details into the notorious would-be assassin. A search for Dieter Kaufman using Bild Zeitung reveals the following:


Note the deleted lines after each entry that go on for pages with traces of would-be assassin and Bild removed.

Two questions are raised:
1) Why have all traces of this man been released from search engine history?
2) How did German medicine manage to cure him of his schizoid-hallucinatory-paranoid-psychopathic tendencies so that he could finally be released?

Therein lies the stuff from where conspiracy theories are born. Conspiracists point to the consistent denial by all but Schaeuble of the Kaufmann’s dangerous mental condition. There are signs that the media has been manipulated with traces of the would-be assassin having disappeared.