Who is the only Greek singer Stefanos Tsitsipas knows?

He said he had never heard of Rouvas and Vissi

Only the die-hard fans of tennis and some sports journalists in Greece knew who Stefanos Tsitsioas was up until last summer when the young man burst onto the scene of the sport on a global scale. Fast forward to now and after his display at the Australian Open and he has become a household name not only in his native country but all over the world.

Stafajnos was flooded with congratulatory messages from people from all walks of public life and more, as he told Antonis Sroiter in an interview. Among those who expressed their congratulations were both Greek singers Sakis Rouvas and Anna Vissi. But to everyone’s surprise, and to his credit, he honestly admitted to never having heard of them.
Specifically, he said, “I actually received messages from Sakis Rouvas and Anna Vissi but I do not know them. Are they good?”
He went on to say that the only Greek singer he knew was Antonis Remos.