Wikileaks have bounty US government employees for $20.000!

Assange insists that Clinton e-mails were not given to him by Russia


A reward of $20.000 for any information that will facilitate the arrest or exposure of any employee of the Obama administration that destroyed important files is offered by Wikileaks according to a Twitter post in the website’s account.

Julian Assange in an interview at Fox TV network denied yet again to reveal the source of the documents hacked from the e-mail account of head of Hillary Clinton’s campaign john Podesta.


It should be reminded that among these documents are three speeches of the former Secretary of State for which she got payed from Goldman Sachs which brought on the surface her links with Wall Street.


“The source is not the Russian government” he repeated, adding that he can not assess if these revelations helped Trump win the elections or not.


However, he said that to him if this actually happened it is Clinton’s and her colleagues’ statements and actions themselves that brought this result.