Your hair is on fire! Literally in Egyptian barber shop! (video)

Many teens flock to style their hair

Seeing flames of fire on top of a client’s head is not a common scene in barbershops anywhere in the world, but it is now becoming more familiar and interesting at “Last Haircut” store in a neighborhood in Egypt’s Giza province near the capital Cairo.
Hairstylist Hamada Ramadan’s small barbershop in Kafr Tohormos neighborhood buzzed with clients, mostly teens and children, who came to get their hair cut and styled using fire balls, a new technique used by the young man to attract his clients and develop his career.
“I have learned it from an online video but I added my own development. It has become popular, especially among teens. Most of those who try it once come again and bring newcomers with them,” said the special barber who is nicknamed by his friends and clients as “H.”
H added that straightening hair using the heat of fire is healthier and more durable than hairdryers, noting that long hair straightened by fire can last for six months while short hair for three months.