Zakynthos forest fires rage, as two village are being evacuated

Residents from the villages of Keri and Agalas are being evacuated

A wildfire is currently raging out of control in Zakynthos and the blaze has reached the villages Keri and Agalas.

The authorities in cooperation with the general secretary for Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias have implemented an evacuation plan for the residents of the two villages for precautionary reasons.

The fire spread rapidly to the village of Keri, while the evacuation procedure, with the aid of buses from Zakynthos Bus Station is currently being underway.

Police have blocked the entrances of the two villages and are informing residents to evacuate their homes. Keri Lake has been designated as a gathering place for the residents.

Earlier, homes and hotels in Keri had been evacuated when, on the orders of the Fire Service and Civil Protection Officers, three Zakynthos buses received about 120 people staying at the hotel, transferring them to another business hotel in the Kalamaki area.

There are 16 firefighters with eight vehicles trying to extinguish the blaze, while just before noon more reinforcements arrived from Kyllini, Western Greece to the island.

Meanwhile, aerial support in the battle is provided by two Canadair aircraft, two helicopters and PZL airplanes, with additional air support expected.