Actress Alyssa Milano who called for de-funding the police phoned the police for help

The leftist activist thought someone had broken into her mansion

Actress and far-left activist Alyssa Milano betrayed her calls to de-fund police over the weekend when she phoned cops to defend her from what she believed was an armed gunman.

The incident unfolded Sunday when Milano, 47, reported spotting a “male, 40-year-old, with long rifle” outside her $2.5 million Bell Canyon mansion in Ventura County.

Neighbors reported noticing a large police presence in the neighborhood, along with a police helicopter patrol circling the area.

“Just drove by about 12 armed officers on Bell Canyon Road,” one neighbor wrote in the NextDoor app, according to “They are responding to a call reporting a man with a gun in the neighborhood!! This was also the cause of the helicopter. Stay inside, stay safe!”

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A neighbor told the Daily Mail police later discovered the suspect was merely a teen who was shooting squirrels with an air soft gun, leading residents to dub the issue, “Squirrelgate.”

“It turned out it was a neighborhood teen with an air gun shooting at squirrels,” a resident confirmed to the Mail.

The false alarm follows months of “defund police” activism from Milano in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests and riots.