“Almost unbelievable”: Metal plate from Spain blast kills man 3km away!

The boiler cover had smashed through the window of an apartment!

A victim of a huge explosion in north-east Spain died when a boiler cover flew three kilometers and hit a building, it’s emerged.

The blast at a chemical plant near Tarragona, 115 kilometers southwest of Barcelona, has left three people dead and several injured.

Tarragona’s mayor, Pau Ricomà, said the boiler cover had smashed through the window of an apartment, causing its floor to fall and killed a man living underneath. He described the event as “almost unbelievable”.

Earlier, emergency workers found a lifeless body at the chemical plant where the explosion happened on Tuesday evening.

Authorities are investigating the cause of what they described as a “chemical accident” on the premises of chemical maker Iqoxe. The eight people injured all worked there, officials said.

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