“…and grabbed his testicles”: AEK-Aris referees’ report!

An older white-haired man was shouting “no penalty, I’m the boss, here is no penalty”


The football club AEK FC appears to be in a lot of trouble based on what was written in the game observer’s report after the game with Aris FC for the Greek Cup semi-finals.

According to the referees, all Portuguese, some people of the home team attacked them, and they specifically mention one “white-haired old man” who declared that he is AEK’s president and grabbed the first assistant from the genitals.

On the other hand, the incident involving Aris’ trainer is downplayed, saying that both the referees and the VAR people did not see anything worth mentioning. In detail, the match sheet states:

“At the end of the first half and as we walked into the locker room, several people from the home team approached us, shouting, pushing and pulling us because they wanted to know the reason we gave the penalty shootout. ‘No penalty’, ‘Why penalty?’, ‘You f@@@rs’, ‘I am the president of AEK’, they were telling us. In the meantime, one of them, an older white-haired man, was shouting ‘No penalty, I’m the boss, no penalty’. He went to the first assistant, put his hands on his genitals and said ‘F@@k you, there is no penalty’.

“We waited for about 30 minutes in the locker room as we waited for the police to assure us that there was no security problem to start the second half. After that we came out, the second half started and when the game was over we had no problem returning to the locker room”.

“After the second goal of the home team the game was interrupted for six minutes because something happened in the area near the corner with a guest player warming up there. None of the referees or VAR saw what happened there. We have nothing else to add”.