Athens Municipality to fund entrepreneurs in culture sector with up to € 7.7 million

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In an effort to boost the city’s economy and local business activity, the Municipality of Athens initiated a financial program aimed at supporting ventures in the field of culture.

With an umbrella program of 40 million euros, which was launched last November in record time, the main goal of the Municipality of Athens is to reinforce entrepreneurship, work, tourism, and the digital future of the city.

In this context, 7.7 million euros have been allocated for companies operating in the cultural life of Athens, to support their liquidity and healthy reopening once the pandemic lockdown ends.

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On Thursday, January 28, the Municipality of Athens through the Development and Tourism Promotion Company (EATA) will issue the official invitation to business owners, inviting them to apply for funding. The aid will be given in the form of a non-repayable grant (working capital), provided that the conditions stated in the call to tender are met.

In order for the interested parties to be informed about the required procedures and to be prepared in time, a pre-publication of the invitation has been posted on the websites of EATA (, the Municipality of Athens ( and ELANET (www.elanet .gr).

The financing will cover working capital equal to 50% of the company’s expenses in 2019, with a minimum grant amount of € 5,000 and a maximum of € 200,000. Companies that record expenses from € 10,000 and over will be able to apply. It should be noted that the distributed working capital should be utilised within 2021 and the subsidised companies should remain active throughout the financial year 2021.

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