Bars and restaurants in Greece to only serve vaccinated citizens indoors

The new measures are scheduled to be announced later on Wednesday

According to sources, the new measures that are scheduled to be announced by Greek authorities later in the day will include that closed areas in restaurants and bars will serve exclusively vaccinated citizens.

It is also considered almost certain that the mask will be fully and completely restored to all outdoor areas and to all citizens, vaccinated and unvaccinated, as was the case two weeks ago.

The Committee of Infectious Disease Experts had weighed the different epidemiological data in the recent past and had allowed citizens not to wear masks outdoors where there are no large crowds. The new developments in terms of the rising number of cases proved their judgment wrong who believed that the citizens had received the message about the use of the mask correctly.

Scientists and experts are sounding the alarm about the increasing trend of coronavirus cases in recent days and are pushing for the urgent need for speedy and mass vaccination of the population as they claim a fourth wave of the disease is nearer than ever.

The authorities, at both the scientific and governmental levels, are preparing to unfold a series of measures aimed at curbing the pandemic, while at the same time adopting actions to strengthen the vaccination campaign, in collaboration with the local authorities.

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