Car driver’s licenses to be equivalent to 125cc motorcycle licenses

The decision was made by the Transport Ministry

Car diver’s licenses will be equivalent to motorcycle licenses for two-wheelers with a displacement of up to 125cc, under certain conditions and with practical driving tests, following a decision by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

According to exclusive information of, the equivalence will be partial (semi) and will only apply to those who have a driver’s license for over 12 years or will be over 30 years old.

Motorists possessing a valid car driver’s license will be able to obtain a respective motorcycle license for a motorcycle up to 125cc only after practical driving tests even without completing any Driver’s school course by simply attending the exam centre with their own motorcycle or an acquaintance to be examined.

The drivers will, therefore, be exempt from sitting for the theoretical exams, as well as the driving lessons, which are optional. This means the cost of obtaining a driving license for a 125cc motorcycle is reduced to a minimum as the only expense incurred will be the small e-fee for scheduling practical exams that costs only 15 euros.

According to information from, the Driving Schools exerted unbearable pressures in all directions to avert the equivalence between the driving licenses of cars and two-wheelers up to 125cc, as they argue it would create huge problems in road safety.