Covid-19 lockdown and curfew to be lifted in Mykonos

The official announcements to be made next Monday

The government is expected to lift the strict restrictions imposed on Mykonos that took effect from noon on Saturday, July 17.

According to information, from Monday, July 26, the suspended activities are expected to be allowed, such as music in restaurants and nightclubs. The curfew is also expected to be lifted at one after midnight.

The change in the measures and the removal of the lockdown that is expected to be decided for next Monday, July 26 is largely attributed to the epidemiological data. After the first 24 hours of implementation of the measures, it seems that there is stabilisation or even a decrease in the number of COVID cases without a parallel increase in hospital admissions.

Provided the situation in terms of the viral load and cases remains stable in the coming days, authorities are expected to announce the reopening of activities on the island.

Greek central authorities will be cooperating with the local bodies and the municipality of Mykonos to make sure the measures and provisions are observed in order for the situation to remain under control.