Earth’s magnetic north pole is on the move and scientists might now know why

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Earth’s magnetic north pole is on the move, but scientists might finally know why it’s racing towards Siberia.

The magnetic north pole as been moving up to 34 miles a year for years, crossing the international date line in 2017 on a journey towards Russia.

But researchers from the UK and Denmark now believe they might have worked out why – and it’s due to two writhing blobs of magnetism under Earth’s surface, one in Canada, the other in Siberia, Popular Mechanics reported.

Earth’s magnetic field is generated by iron in the liquid outer core of our planet, where a hot ocean of iron and nickel flows.

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The researchers wrote: “The wandering of Earth’s north magnetic pole, the location where the magnetic field points vertically downwards, has long been a topic of scientific fascination.”

Researchers analyzed 20 years of satellite data to track the movement of the pole.

Since the 1990s, the movement has quadrupled in speed, the researchers said, as reported by Science Alert.

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