Erdogan’s Greece: “Do not wander around the islands”

Turkish Energy Minister for France: “Those who pretend to be leaders in the Eastern Mediterranean will pay the price”

A personal attack on Emmanuel Macron was unleashed by Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his speech at a rally marking the anniversary of the 1980 coup in Turkey.

On Macron’s statement at the MED7 meeting in Corsica, in which he stressed that “we have no problem with the Turkish people, but with Erdogan”, the Turkish president said “France is always on our agenda. I do not even want to mention his name, but I will do it because he is very busy with me. He said he had a problem with Erdogan and not with the Turkish nation. Mr. Macron, you will have an even bigger problem with me personally”.

And he continued in the same tone: “The history of Africa is the history of France. You are the ones who killed a million people in Algeria. You can not teach us humanism lessons. I told Macron personally. You have no history. We did not even make single person’s nose bleed in Africa. We offered aid to African countries for the coronavirus. You, Macron, what did you do?”.

Erdogan did not forget Greece either: “Look at what Greece is doing now with the islands. How can one trust them? Do not wander around the islands. You are wrong and you will be left alone”.

Turkish Energy Minister Fatih Donmez has once targeted too the French President Emmanuel Macron for his statements at the MED7 meeting in Corsica.

In particular, Donmez threatened those “who pretend to be the leaders in the Eastern Mediterranean who have virtually no rights” that they would pay the price for their provocative behavior.

He also made provocative statements about Oruc Reis’s alleged exploration of the Eastern Mediterranean, saying “very soon we will have good news regarding the surveys in both the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea”.

Bahceli: Macron & Mitsotakis should not forget our strength

In the same vein, the chairman of the Nationalist Action Party and Erdogan’s partner, Devlet Bahceli, launched direct threats against Macron and Mitsotakis. “The will of our nation will throw down the shackles that threaten our unity. Macron and Mitsotakis must listen to this well. Those who work together to betray us regionally and globally must never forget our power”, Bahceli said in a speech marking the anniversary of the 1980 coup in Turkey.