Erdogan’s new delusion: The Byzantine double-headed eagle is “Turkish heritage”

The Turkish president is irritated by the Greek-French alliance

Ankara’s frustration is more than obvious after the Greek-French alliance with the Turkish president indulging, according to his favorite tactics, in a new crescent of provocations.

According to a report by SKAI, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, referring to Cyprus, spoke of the “existence of two states”, at a time when both the UN and the international community emphatically reject this position, talking about only the prospect of a federation on the island.

Shortly afterwards, speaking in the parliament of the neighboring country, he threatened to take steps similar to those he did in Varosia and provoked again as he invoked the Byzantine emblem, the double-headed eagle, which he described as the “Turkish symbol”. He said the emblem, which he said is part of the “Turkish heritage”, looks to both the West and the East, as does his country…

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