Fires in Greece: Big fires in Mani, Messinia & Evia: Residents evacuated (videos-photos)

A difficult night throughout Greece

A fire broke out in a forest area in Kastania in the municipality of Eastern Mani, Laconia.

There are 55 firefighters operating at the scene with 21 vehicles, 1 helicopter and 2 aircraft.

Volunteer firefighters and water-carrying vehicles of the local authorities assist in the extinguishing.

At the same time, a precautionary evacuation was carried out in the settlements of Kastania, Agios Nikolaos and Kokkina Louria.

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At the same time, the settlements west of Lake in Evia and especially those located in the coastal zone on the road from the Lake to Rovies are in danger.

According to locals, the fire, helped by strong winds, went west and is moving towards the settlement of Chronia, which is between Limni and Rovies and the ground fire fighting forces and the locals are trying to make a protection zone, but the strong winds do not help their efforts, while the holidaymakers in the area try to move to areas near the sea for safety reasons.

There are 62 firefighters operating in the area, 24 fire trucks and 3 aircraft that intervene according to the needs and mainly on fronts that threaten settlements in the coastal zone.