German historian calls for Germany to pay €190 billion to Greece for Nazi occupation

German historian Karl Heinz Roth presented his new book on the subject in Crete

“Germany must accept to pay and begin direct negotiations with Greece to resolve the issue of the great disasters caused by Nazi Germany during the Occupation”, German historian Karl Heinz Roth said during a press conference for the presentation of his book in Heraklion, Crete.
The German historian is in Heraklion to take part in the presentation of the book, which he co-authored with his colleague Hartmut Rubner, “The Debt of reparations: The legacy of the German Occupation in Greece and Europe”
The German historian said that he estimated the Greek claims amounted to €190 billion and called on citizens, groups in Greece and Germany to put pressure on Germany in order to proceed with the just request.
“Nazi Germany has committed heinous crimes against humanity in Greece, and plundered the Greek economy methodically and therefore has to pay reparations and compensation. This debt is based on international law. Germany must pay, it has to accept it and start negotiations immediately to find a solution to this issue. According to our estimate, Greek claims amount to €190 billion to be paid, and citizens and movements in Greece and Germany have to put pressure on Germany in order to achieve this just request.”

The historians were welcomed to Heraklion by the regional vice governor Euripides Koukiadakis who said: “In Heraklion, Crete, we welcome well-known scientists, university professors who share the legitimate request of Greece – because it is not just a request of the victims – is a legitimate request of the Greeks. Apart from the economic dimension, it mainly has a historical and moral dimension, which we are all serving. It is profoundly a political issue and Europe’s governments must support this demand as supported by the peoples of Europe.”

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