Greek authorities set to extend Covid-19 lockdown

The panel of specialists will meet tomorrow and offer its recommendations to the PM

Greek authorities are set to extend the Covid-19 lockdown, as the panel of experts advising PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis believe the epidemiological data so far does not allow for an ‘opening up’ of the market.

Professor of Analytical Chemistry Nikos Thomaidis raised the alarm referring to the viral load of the wastewater of Attica in an interview with Skai TV.

As he explained, the latest data that emerged on Monday evening revealed a minimal reduction in the viral load, emphasising that this week’s average is statistically the same as the previous one.

“There does not seem to be a significant reduction in the viral load all this time, this is the conclusion of this whole month,” he said.

Environmental engineering professor Dimosthenis Sarigiannis described the situation to Mega Channel as ‘difficult’, pointing out that at this stage it would not be prudent to open retail given the number of cases.

However, he added that until Net Monday he estimates that the picture would be a little better, while by the end of March there will be a de-escalation that will be satisfactory enough to examine the opening.

Regarding the opening of schools, he said that if the transmission rate remained low then the schools could be opened with relative ease, as is the case in other areas.

Commenting on the thought of ​​a two-week total lockdown, proposed by the doctor and researcher in the USA, George Pavlakis, Mr. Sarigiannis stated that “it is a solution that can give results. However, all solutions depend on whether they can be implemented”.

Meanwhile, measures to further strengthen the Hellenic National Health System (ESY), especially in the region of Attica, where there is increased pressure, were discussed in an extraordinary meeting under Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis with the leadership of the Ministry of Health.

During the meeting, the epidemiological data from all regions of the country were examined, as well as the effect of the mutations in the transmission of the virus.

Tomorrow morning, the Committee of Experts will be convened to evaluate the epidemiological data across the country. According to sources, the panel will recommend new measures. Among other things, the possibility of restricting travel within Attica is being considered.