Greek farmers rev up engines to block highways across country

Protesting government tax and social security plans

Farmers all over Greece are up in arms against the Greek government and are preparing to block main highways throughout the country. The mobilisation is scheduled to start Monday in central Greece, where farmers will set up blockades on the national highway in Thessaly in central Greece.

One of the leading farmers’ unionists, Vangelis Boutas told that they were “seeking a gasp of life”, adding that tractors would block roads and traffic from Crete in the south to the Peloponnese, Thessaly, Macedonia and Thrace in the north. According to Boutas, the farmers are protesting against the government’s social security and taxation plans and are pushing for a reduction in production costs in their sector.

On Thursday, tractors from Karditsa, Trikala, Farsala and Larisa are expected roar onto main roads blocking traffic, while the farmers union in Heraklion, Crete, will also tale part in the mobilisation on Monday.

The farmers’ union in Magnesia has prepared to take part in the protests by the end of he week, while farmers from Arta and Preveza in the region of Epirus in north-western Greece plan to move their tractors to key highways on Monday.

Farmers from the regions of Thrace and eastern Macedonia have not committed to taking part in the mobilisations before the industry is rid of individuals pretending to represent the industry but are really pushing their own political and personal agendas. Meanwhile, agriculturists in the regions of Achaia, Etolia and Akarnania and Ilia are also preparing to participate in the protests.