Greek high school teacher accused of stripping in classroom

The parents have submitted an official complaint to the competent authorities

A high-school teacher in the area of Laconia, Peloponnese was reportedly stripping in front of the students during the lesson while acting in a lewd manner in classroom.

The matter came to the attention of the parents who immediately requested the the 45-year-old substitute chemistry teacher be expelled.

Students of high-schools in the Municipality of Evrotas in Laconia in the areas of Skala and Vlachiotis have started a sit-in protest demanding his removal.

The Laconia Department of Secondary Education has received series of complaints from parents of the students, according to which a 45-year-old teacher, who was stationed to the school from another part of the country and was appointed as a substitute this year, was speaking abusively and ironically to students, while they alleged he even went as far as to unbutton his pants while teaching.