Greek police bust human trafficking ring

They were illegally transporting foreigners outside of Greece

Greek police busted a human trafficking ring in Northern Greece on Thursday.

Six people were arrested at noon on Thursday, as police officers of the Imathia Immigration Management Department, in collaboration with police officers of the Crime Prevention and Suppression Unit of the Veria Security Department and the Mesopotamia-Kastoria Border Guard Department, located a group of 17 men.

Two of the arrested initially boarded a vehicle from the area of ​​Thessaloniki with four foreigners, in order to facilitate their illegal exit from the country. Two other detainees were in a second vehicle, which they used as a vehicle to detect possible police checks ahead.

They then transported the foreigners to an area of ​​Kastoria, Western Macedonia where the other two suspects were waiting for them with the intent of aiding them to cross the borders. An additional 13 foreigners, who had entered the country illegally, boarded the two vehicles from the same area.

Police seized the two vehicles used by the perpetrators for their illegal activity, as well as six mobile phones found in their possession. The arrested will be taken to the Prosecutor of the Court of First Instance of Veria.

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