Greeks banned form visiting family and friends at Easter as Covid-19 rules tighten

The Government spokesperson said it was not the time to relax

Greeks will not be allowed to visit relatives of friends during Easter, government spokesperson Stelios Petsas said.

Mr. Petsas announced that the government would be tightening the restrictive measures concerning the travel ban in an effort to avoid any relapses in the progress of the containment of the spread of Covid-19.

As he pointed out, “Move to the homes of relatives and friends for the Resurrection or on Easter Sunday, to celebrate together is not allowed. Let’s celebrate a few weeks after the first victory against the coronavirus and let’s celebrate Easter next year, all together, as our tradition and religion wants.”

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“It would be unfair to tear down what we were building in the past few weeks, it would be wrong to be paralysed from the spring,” Mr Petsas said.

When asked how it will be ensured that such movements will not take place, Mr. Petsas said “we will do whatever is necessary”.

Meanwhile, Mr. Petsas condemned incidents such as those with the priests in Corfu and Koukaki, emphasising that they violated the laws for the protection of public health and the decisions of the Holy Synod.

“Slackening is not allowed, make no mistake,” he added.

“We are preparing for a return to normalcy, but we are not there yet. The only sure thing is that the more faithfully we self-discipline, the faster the gradual and long-term return will begin,” said Mr. Petsas.