Greeks consume the most antibiotics: OECD & EC Health reports claims

Cyprus has a serious problem with child obesity, the reports say

Greeks consume more antibiotics per 1,000 patients in the EU with 36 daily doses, data from the EC and the OECD reveal.
The data in the 2018 European Commission and OECD report on Health for 2018.
The report showed that Cyprus registered some worrying figures, with obesity among children aged 7-8 standing at 21% (boys) and 19% (girls), the highest in the EU, which an average of 13.4% and 9.9%, respectively.

Cyprus is ranked second in the highest consumption of antibiotics in the Community with 33 fixed daily doses per 1,000 people, with Romania and France with 30 fixed daily doses per 1,000 people following.

Cyprus is among the three EU Member States, of which at least 10% of their population is not covered by health services.