Health Minister Kikilias proposes e-platform on coronavirus at EU ministers’ meeting

“The new facts should be shared within the EU in real-time”

Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias attended an extraordinary meeting of European Union health ministers on Covid-19, the new coronavirus, in Brussels on Thursday.

The ministers decided on a common policy, based on guidelines of the World Health Organization and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and to boost international collaboration.

Kikilias tabled a proposal for a digital coordination of EU member states through an e-platform dedicated to Covid-19 scientific facts and solutions. “The new facts should be shared within the EU in real-time, through a special e-platform accessible only by crisis management groups in each country,” the Greek health minister said. It would include old and new cases, tracking and linking of incidents, the progress of patients and doctors’ comments, he added.

At the meeting, Kikilias briefed his counterparts on the readiness of 13 hospitals and 3 laboratories to handle samples and cases in Greece.

Source: ΑΜΝΕ