How do undecided tourists choose their destination?

Two out of 5 pick their destination for deeper reasons

Two out of 5 travellers choose a holiday destination regardless of factors such as festivals, events or other obligations, without committing to a particular travel plan on their voyage and keeping all possibilities open, a Phocuswright report revealed.
The global travel market research company data showed travellers tend to have deeper motivations when selecting a specific region they went back to.

They may not know exactly where their next vacation will be, but seek to discover new cultures, new natural attractions or engage in adventure travel activities. This type of travellers is particularly appealing to destination marketing managers.

Consumers start the selection process for their destination from a blank slate and are much more prone to external stimuli and marketing strategies. An attractive offer, at the right timing to the right audience, could sway the minds of undecided tourists.

Additionally, those looking for adventure and those seeking to experience the culture of an area deeper take longer breaks than those who travel for predetermined reasons. Longer-term travels foster deeper engagement of visitors with the destination and boost revenue for local businesses.