Katsifas’ case: Albanian authorities try to cover-up forensic evidence (video)

“We were allowed to see the body for only five minutes”

Everything that could shed light through the forensic examination by a Greek coroner on the circumstances behind the death of the 35-year-old Constantine Katsifas has been wiped out by the Albanian authorities.

The Greek coroner Mr. Vougkouklakis was allowed to see the body of Constantine Katsifa for just five minutes. All he managed to do is see that the wounds were sewed up and the body was washed.

These two movements have eliminated important evidence that the coroner could identify. This was announced by the lawyer of the Katsifas family, Konstantinos Giovanopoulos.

According to Giovanopoulos, the body has two wounds on the chest right on the heart. Konstantinos Katsifas does not seem to have been shot point blank, however, the wounds are stitched and the body is washed.

“We were allowed to see the body for only five minutes”, Giovanopoulos said, and in response to a question, he said he said that there are no injuries on Katsifas’ legs, which would indicate that the Albanian police would had made an effort to immobilize him and arrest him instead of killing him.

These findings come after the efforts of the Albanian authorities to avoid the examination of the body by a Greek forensic doctor, as the Katsifas family demanded from the beginning. It took a diplomatic intervention to allow the Greek coroner to examine the body, but the Albanian authorities practically made this impossible since they made sure all the forensic evidence were destroyed.