Kindergartens, Primary, and Special schools to open on January 11

All other schools will continue via long-distance learning

Kindergartens, Primary and Special needs schools of all levels will operate on Monday 11/1, according to an announcement by the Ministry of Education, which has put an end to ongoing rumours about the extension of the opening date.

The announcement published on the website of the Ministry of Education, cites the decision of the government, based on the proposal of the Committee of Experts, for the reopening of Kindergartens, Primary and Special Schools of all levels next Monday 11/1.

On the basis of a circular sent to the schools earlier this week, the teachers who serve in those schools will attend their classrooms, tomorrow, Friday 8/1.

In addition, on Friday, 8/1 Junior and Senior High Schools nationwide will start their operation through long-distance learning.

The reopening of the schools from the 11th of the month was essentially announced by the former government representative, Stelios Petsas when he announced the “hard” lockdown from the 3rd to the 10th of January.