Kotzias – Dimitrov to meet again on April 25, in Vienna

Diplomatic efforts continue


According to the FYROM government spokesman, Mile Bosnjakovski who spoke on Friday, there will be a new meeting between the Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias and his FYROM counterpart, Nikola Dimitrov sometime until the end of the month but the date has not yet been confirmed.

“By the end of the month there will be a new meeting of Foreign ministers. The date has not yet been confirmed. We are still optimistic, as the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister of FYROM said, we are asking and waiting for a solution that will be decent for all citizens”, Bosnjakovski said.

According to IBNA’s information this new meeting of the Greek and FYROM FMs will be held on April 25, in Vienna in the presence of the UN Special Envoy, Matthew Nimetz.

The last meeting between Greece’s and FYROM’s Foreign Ministers took place on 12 April in Ohrid. During that meeting, Kotzias and Dimitrov announced that there will be other meetings in the near future too, focused on resolving the name issue.

According to information, in addition to the April 25 meeting in Vienna, the Foreign Ministers of the two countries will get together two more times by mid-May: the first is being planned for May 3 – 4 in Thessaloniki, on the sidelines of a four-day conference (Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, FYROM) on cross-border co-operation while the second is to take place on May 11 – 12, in Sounio (wider Attica region), on the sidelines of an enlarged conference on the future of Europe.

Source: Spiros Sideris/balkaneu