Legendary 1.000-year-old Katana sword still looks as flawless as when it was first constructed! (photos)

Known as the Mikazuki Munechika, this special sword was crafted by the legendary Sanjo Munechika

Make your way to the Tokyo National Museum and you’ll see a beautifully constructed katana that still looks flawless despite being 1,000 years old. Known as the Mikazuki Munechika, this special sword was crafted by the legendary Sanjo Munechika. He was considered one of Japan’s most skilled swordsmiths in the Heian period (794 to 1185 CE). Munechika was so fond of his creation that he attached his name to it—in addition to the term mikazuki, which is the Japanese word for “crescent moon.”

So, why is this katana named crescent moon? It has to do with a motif found on the blade. The process of creating a katana requires that the sword get very hot and then rapidly cools. Called quenching and tempering, this technique strengthens and hardens the steel. In doing so, it causes there to be unique markings on the material. The Mikazuki Munechika has symbols that look like halved moons.


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2019/03/31 #上野 #東京国立博物館 本館 #太刀 「#伯耆安綱 (ほうきやすつな)」 銘 安綱 名物 #童子切安綱 #平安時代 10-12世紀 #国宝 #天下五剣 のひとつ。 平安時代に源頼光が丹波(京都)大江山の鬼#酒呑童子 を切ったときに使われたという伝説から「#童子切 」と呼ばれた。 その後の所有者も凄いメンツで、足利将軍家→豊臣秀吉→徳川家康→徳川秀忠→結城秀康の息子、松平忠直→忠直の息子、松平光長→津山藩松平家へと渡った。 歴史好きにはたまらん。 形状もこの「反り」が美しい。 まさに「東の横綱」と呼ばれるにふさわしい。 天下五剣のうち、#三日月宗近 とこの太刀の二つをトーハクで目の当たりに。ありがたや。 2019/03/31 Honkan (The original main building) of Tokyo National Museum, Ueno, Tokyo. Tachi Sword by Yasutsuna. Signed Yasutsuna. Known as “Dojikiri Yasutsuna” Heian period, 10-12th century. National Treasure. It is one of the Tenka-Goken (the Five Swords under Heaven) in Japan. It was called “Dōji-giri” from the legend that it was used in Heian period when Minamoto-no-Raikō killed Shuten-Dōji, the ogre lived in Mount Ōe in Tanba (current Kyoto). The subsequent owners were also very distinguished, to Ashikaga Shogunate family, to Hideyoshi Toyotomi, to Ieyasu Tokugawa, to Hidetada Tokugawa, to Matsudaira Tadanao, to Tadanao’s son Mitsunaga, and then went over to the Matsudaira family of Tsuyama Domain. History lovers can’t resist it. The shape of this “Sori (curve)” is beautiful. It deserves to be called “Yokozuna of eastern Japan swords”. Out of the five best swords, “Mikazuki Munechika” and this one can be seen at TNM. Thank Heaven! #japan🇯🇵 #tokyo🇯🇵 #tokyonationalmuseum #TNM #japaneseart #tachisword #yasutsuna #nationaltreasure #demonslayer #shutendoji #tenkagoken #swordsmith #japanesesword #museum #博物館 #トーハク #日本刀 #安綱

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During its long history, the katana has been in the possession of some powerful people. Its former owners include the 16th-century samurai warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi and the Tokugawa shoguns who ruled during the Edo period (1600 to 1868 CE). Since being acquired by the country’s national institution, you can find it on display in certain themed exhibitions.

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