NASA video: Mysterious ‘space orb following’ ISS sends UFO enthusiasts wild (video)

The UFO is round and appears to be moving rapidly

A bizarre UFO sighting from the International Space Station (ISS) has sparked a frenzy online. Cameras onboard the ISS captured a white orb that appears to be moving in the distance. The UFO could be seen for more than forty minutes during the live video – but “strangely, there was no audio chat” during the stream.

In the footage, the UFO can be seen moving upwards, past the ISS, before suddenly fading away.

The UFO is round and appears to be moving rapidly – approximately 27,000 km per hour according to Scott Waring, from UFO Sightings Daily.

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The footage was uploaded by Mr Waring, who said: “The total time was about 40+ min but I sped up the video 4X to save you time.

“Strange that it matches speeds with the ISS. Also, strange there was no audio chat.”

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