New ENFIA clearances on Taxisnet

In a race against time, many homeowners entitled to discounts are scrambling to gather tha full amount of payment as their reductions have yet to appear on ENFIA clearances

ENFIA clearances for those who are entitled to 50-100% discounts for social reasons are turning into a nightmare. Initially, the Ministry of Finance had announced that the General Secretariat of Information Systems (GSIS) would have had the new clearances ready for one million taxpayers belonging to vulnerable groups by Wednesday.

The deadline for ENFIA payments is on October 31, however many people entitled to a reduced rate have yet to see their new clearances appear on the taxisnet site for the electronic submission of tax statements. Worst still, these members of socially weak groups don’t know whether this delay means that the Finance Ministry has rejected their claim for a reduction.

Meanwhile, they are scrambling to gather the money as they had last month despite the fact that the Finance Ministry has promised some form of alleviation for these groups.

Even those whose incomes are below 9,000 euros per annum and who have paid 2 to 3 installments of ENFIA for their homes found that the Greek Tax Office had taken their money without calculating the reductions that had been announced.Furthermore, thousands of taxpayers need to return to the Greek Tax Office to submit new statements due to mistakes caused by welfare they received in 2013 that caused them to lose their entitlement for a reduction.

Taxisnet is expected to post clearances for 20% reductions for vacant property on Wednesday, however sources state that there are many mistakes concerning the submission of E2.

The ENFIA tax is proving to be a headache for Greeks living abroad also. CLICK HERE for a tax guide for residents abroad.