Once-homeless Greek restaurant owner gives FREE Thanksgiving dinners

George invites the homeless and the lonely to come eat with him

The Greek owner of George’s Senate Coney Island restaurant in Michigan has the tradition of inviting homeless or lonely people to come eat at his diner for free. The Thanksgiving tradition is just his way of “paying forward” the good fortune he has  had, but George is no stranger to homelessness.

He came to the United States at the age of 23, where  he grew up on a farm with seven brothers and sisters. Unable to afford to send him to school, George went to Athens where he was homeless and depended on food handouts to survive.

Now a restaurant owner, he has never forgotten where he came from and wants to share his success story with others who are in the same position he was once in. “It makes my heart feel good to do it, and help a little bit,” he tells local media. Each year, dozens of people show up, and he hopes more people will come this year.

The invitation on his shop window went viral as soon as he posted it. It says:

“George’s Thanksgiving Day dinner: If anyone is alone, come eat with us for free! All Day Thurs., November 26th.”