Over 300kg of cocaine seized in Thessaloniki

Three suspects were arrested

Greek law enforcement units in Thessaloniki delivered a decisive blow to the illicit drug trafficking rings after they confiscated large quantities of drugs being smuggled.

The Thessaloniki Security Directorate, in collaboration with the D.E.A. of Athens and the Departments of Immediate Intervention and Drug Prosecution of Eastern Thessaloniki, prevented the channeling of a huge amount of drugs in the hangouts of drug addicts.

Police seized over 300 kilos of pure cocaine and arrested three leaders of a very well-organised international drug trafficking network, while according to information from protothema.gr the purpose of the traffickers was to adulterate cocaine, thus tripling its quantity and their profit, which was estimated to reach over 100 million euros.

The suspects are two foreigners aged 37 and 36, originally from Albania and Croatia, and a 35-year-old Greek expatriate from Albania, whose illegal activities were revealed in the course of a coordinated police investigation.

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The three men were arrested on the spot as they were in the middle of a transaction in the city centre of Thessaloniki.

Subsequent searches of two vehicles and an apartment where one of them was staying, which they used to deliver and store quantities of drugs, the following were revealed and confiscated: 324 kg of pure cocaine, divided into 260 packages, EUR 5,265, and foreign exchange related to drug trafficking, 5 mobile phones they used for their communications and a Laptop.

A fourth member of the circuit has also been identified, who police are looking for. Those arrested will be taken to the competent judicial authorities.