Three Greek male actors claim a well-known director made indecent sexual proposals to them

One of the actors posted on his Facebook page explaining his ordeal

The  Greek film and entertainment industry is being rocked by revelations of sexual harassment and physical abuse, as three more actors, this time males, alleged a well-known director had approached them with indecent intentions and proposals.

Actor Errikos Miliaris posted a long post on his personal Facebook account, laying out his experience during an audition where he claims the director, which he did not name, asked him to strip naked and masturbate in front of him, even though the movie had no scene justifying such a request.

Commenting on his post, actor Haris Tzortzakis refers to the director Kostas Zapas, claiming that he himself had a similar experience, while a third actor named Giannis Niarros also confirmed the allegations under the comment section.

As Errikos Miliaris says in his post, at one point during the audition, in order to persuade him to give in, the director even brought up the name of famous Hollywood star Al Pacino, claiming he had engaged in homosexual sex to better grasp a role that demanded such a scene.

The movie and theatre industry has been shaken to its core after 4 actresses last week came forward with their experiences of sexual and physical abuse.

Kostas Zapas in a post on Facebook responded to the three actors about their accusations that he sexually harassed them. The director in his long post initially states that in his films, he always makes reference to sexuality and that he could not offer any compensation, because he does not have any power to abuse it. “I have no office. I am not institutional. I’m not famous. I am an easy target”, he wrote.