Over half a million-euro fines imposed for Covid-19 violations

One company was shut down for 15 days

Fines amounting to 529,100 euros were imposed on Tuesday, 5 January, for 1,666 cases of violation of violations of the Covid-19 lockdown measures.

A total of 89,407 inspections were carried out by the competent inspection authorities (ELAS, Coast Guard, DIMEA, EAD, SEPE, Municipal Police, Regions) on Tuesday, January 5, 2021, with authorities suspending the operation of one company for fifteen days.

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According to an announcement by the Hellenic Transparency Authority, the Greek Police was in charge of the main volume of inspections (80,695).

The main violations concerned: non-use of masks; non-observance of special conditions of business operation; Illegal movement (pedestrians and vehicles); and, private gatherings in companies