Pakistani couple accused of raping teen girl in Thessaloniki

The suspects were arrested in Thessaloniki

A 15-year-old Pakistani girl accused a couple, also of Pakistani origin of raping her.

According to the purported victim, who filed a complaint to a local Police station, yesterday, in the area of ​​Diavata, Thessaloniki, a 36-year-old man, with the aid of his 31-year-old partner, forcibly committed a sexual act against her, while earlier they demanded the sum of 2,000 euros from her in order to free her.

Police officers of the Department for the Protection of Minors of the Security Directorate of Thessaloniki arrested the two persons, on charges of acts of sexual assault against a minor (15 years old).

A case was filed against the suspects for the offenses of “Rape”, “Abuse of minors” and “Extortion”.

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