PM Mitsotakis interview (video)

We follow the experts’ recommendations on Covid-19

The Prime Minister of Greece giving an interview on current affairs to Star Channel, including the Covid-19 pandemic and the relations with Turkey. Mitsotakis did not want to make predictions about the future, saying that the virus has surprised us many times. He added, however, that in ten days everyone will take a self-test, with the employees first.

He called on the citizens to declare the positive test. Asked what would happen at Easter, the prime minister said it would be irresponsible to answer now, “We have two weeks ahead, the experts will tell us, I will not replace them. We usually listen to the experts “, although they do not always agree. And today, they had different views, he admitted, but added that “we have done better than other countries.”

On the Greek-Turkish relations, Mitsotakis noted on the one hand that his assessment is that we will not see the Turkish Oruc Reis survey ship in the Aegean again, while as he said he is waiting for Turkey to take back immigrants.