Poll – ND retains 17.1% lead over SYRIZA

The government has lost a slight percentage compared to January

Ruling New Democracy (ND) retains a commanding lead against its main political rival SYRIZA, according to the latest survey by pollsters Opinion Poll.

As the data showed, 42% of the citizens are satisfied with the work of the government, 57% of the respondents are satisfied with the work of PM Mitsotakis, with his approval rating standing at 58.4%.

The prime minister is ahead of the second political leader who is Fofi Gennimata with 33.1%. It is worth mentioning that Kyriakos Mitsotakis appears to dominate the battle for the centre, since 78.9% of those who self-identify as centrist consider his work positive.

As for the negative effects to the government, there was a slight drop of 0.7% in the intention of the respondents to vote, in relation to the nation-wide poll of January for the newspaper Political, which maintained the 17.1% gap between the two major parties, as SYRIZA also had a slight drop.

Specifically, ND received 37.3% on the question “who would you vote for” against 20.2% of SYRIZA (s.s. The difference was 17.3% in January).

Finally, 53% of KINAL voters view the government’s work positively and 78.9% view the prime minister’s work positively.